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An experienced team of facade professionals with extensive knowledge of the design, engineering, management, and execution of large and complex commercial and residential façade projects in Qatar. Based in Doha, our team oversees its activities in other parts of the world as well. We follow our 3 prime aspects in the business of the façade industry: Quality, Price, and Service. Our unique blend of technical and project experience combined with one of the most modern manufacturing facilities offers certified and cost-effective façade opportunities to clients.

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Mohamed Amin Palsania

Our vision for the company is to "Be the best, most Innovative, Diversified & cooperative." Our company is dedicated to the highest quality standards and we make an effort for complete customer satisfaction. In this respect, we shall endeavor to continuously better our already established record for the coming years.

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Our goal is To innovate, lead, enhance, to provide the best-value products and services to global customers. To make a difference through our branding to stay ahead of fashion trends, market changes, and the latest technology. To enhance the quality of life for our business partners, customers, and employees.

Specialized Cladding is recognized as “One Stop Façade Solutions’’ for having all facilities under one roof and represents one of the major & leading divisions in the cladding industry worldwide...


Clashes erupt in Berlin amid fall of the Wall, Kristallnacht events

Clashes and arrests marred the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, as several hundred left-wing activists met far-rights in the city center. The latter were rallying in commemoration of the 1938 Kristallnacht Nazi attacks against Jews.

November09, 2014 21:27

GCC meet in Doha apparently postponed as Gulf tensions

A meeting of foreign ministers from across the Gulf Cooperation Council that was supposed to be held in Doha today has apparently been pushed back due to ongoing differences between some of the participating nations.

November09, 2014 21:27

Expansion planned for Qatar hospital’s emergency department

The development comes at a time when universities here are working to increase the number of locally trained medical professionals, to meet the growing needs of the population

November09, 2014 21:27